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Nord Modules' Solid Gate SG155 SLIM

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Smallest possible footprint: Our new series of gate modules!

Our Solid Gate SG155 merges with our Top Mover TM150 or TM153 installed on the mobile robot MiR100 or MiR200 to receive or hold an object, connecting the mobile robot with production lines and storage systems.

It is designed as a basic standard module which can serve as e.g. a flexible pick-up point or simply be adjusted to specialised work processes.

The modules offered by Nord Modules are available in the FLEX, BASIC and SLIM series. The gate modules of the SLIM series possess the smallest footprint possible and are suitable for projects with severe space constraints. Also, they offer great modularity as 3 or 5 fingers can be assembled and hence deliver flexibility in terms of load sizes – depending on the Top Mover in use (TM150 or TM153).

Your key benefits:

  • Simple and fast assembly process - providing a complete solution in combination with our TM150 or TM153.
  • The small footprint makes the module suitable for deployments with severe space constraints.
  • Reliable and cost-efficient connection of the mobile robots MiR100 and MiR200 with production lines and storage systems.
  • Optimization of internal logistics receiving heavy payloads of up to 153 kg / 338 lbs, freeing staff from handling heavy items.
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