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First National Cobot Day a great success

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

On November 21, 2018 the first National Cobot Day was held in Tiel. Visitors and exhibitors were wildly enthusiastic and are already looking forward to the NCD next year.

Visitors appreciated that everything related to collaborative robots could be seen together. In addition, the quality of the solutions and the friendly atmosphere were also mentioned.
The presentations were well attended. Many visitors were present throughout the day to follow all the workshops and presentations. Especially the case study Donk Industries, an aluminum processor from Lopik, gave was well-attended. The many substantive questions afterwards show that many entrepreneurs are looking for experiences of fellow entrepreneurs with the implementation of cobots in their production.

The need for a National Cobot Day has thus proven itself. Olmia Robotics, founder and organizer of this National Cobot Day, noticed that many companies in the manufacturing industry are not aware of the application possibilities of cobots. That's a shame, because there is so much to be gained with cobots. As a system integrator of cobots, Olmia Robotics has to explain often what cobots are and what the advantages of cobots over industrial robots have. Next year there will certainly be a repeat.

There were 8 brands of cobots on the NCD. Of course cobots from Universal Robots, but also cobots from Fanuc, Techman, Yaskawa, Hanwha, Doosan, Panda and a Saywer, from Rethink Robotics, recently purchased by Hahn. In addition, various representatives of cobot accessories such as vision systems, grippers, sensors and delivery systems were present. The exhibitors also had a successful day with visits of interested visitors and would like to see it repeated.