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The cobots are coming!

Much has been written in recent years about robots that are going to help us, but also about robots taking over our jobs and even about robots taking over us. Fortunately, more and more is being written about the cobot, the collaborative robot. But not enough if you ask us. Cobots are the robots we work with. They are safe to stand next to, they are light, cheap (compared to industrial robots) and flexible.

Cobots enable us to work with a robot, instead of working as a robot. The National Cobot Day has been created to increase the awareness of cobots and to promote acceptance of them.
On this day, companies that deal with cobots, show the benefits of cobots and the possibilities to automate repetitive tasks with cobots. Meet various brands of cobots, with their applications and learn which tools and accessories are available to make the cobot the flexible tool that it is.

Cobot News

The first National Cobot Day


To put cobots and everything around cobots in the spotlight, Olmia Robotics has created the National Cobot Day. (read more)

First National Cobot Day a great success


On November 21, 2018 the first National Cobot Day was held in Tiel. Visitors and exhibitors were wildly enthusiastic and are already looking forward to the NCD next year. (read more)